Our (wonderful) coaches

More than 200 executive coaches, facilitators and experts all across Europe, Asia and the Americas.



1 – Professional who helps a person or a team to develop their skills and reach their objectives.

TurningPoint Definition

2 – The coach handles the subtle art of asking deep questions. He/she is a catalyst for change, a companion on the journey to discover oneself.

Executive coaches

Executive coaches

Our (wonderful) coaches are certified, supervised, committed to the ethics of coaching (ICF, EMCC), and have a wide variety of academic backgrounds and professional experience. Our coaches, as well as our experts, have in common the quality of their training, the guarantee of a general management experience, as well as the “Turningpoint spirit” – bringing a significant impact to seminars and coaching sessions. 


Artists, athletes and scientists

Artists, athletes and scientists

The Turningpoint Lab research and interventions of artists, athletes and entrepreneurs offer food for thought and stimulate our clients.

The Turningpoint Coach Community

Ana Loback

Managing Director UK, Senior Executive Coach

Case study

Taking the time to make the right Coach-Coachee match is essential for a successful outcome.

Being a Coach at Turningpoint

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