The academic foundations of our approach

Combining the Systemic Approach, Gestalt and the Appreciative Approach.



1 – A way of dealing with a situation or problem

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2 – Three complementary fields, all stemming from high-level academic research and internationally recognized by the profession.

The Systemic Approach

The Systemic Approach

The fundamental idea is to consider that it is people’s relationship with their environment that build their collective identity and belonging.

“True change is based first and foremost on a systems intelligence and the ability to create different relationships.”



Gestalt is an approach centered on the constant interaction of the individual with his or her environment. The process is seen as a transformation of interdependent elements.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The Appreciative Approach

The Appreciative Approach

It is an approach based on focusing on what works in a system, what succeeds and what moves it forward, in order to amplify these elements to achieve the desired objectives.

“An effective leader builds on strengths: his own, those of his or her team, ecosystem and of the context.”

Combining these three approaches allows us to successfully adapt to each unique challenge.

Ikhlas Bidau

Ikhlas Bidau

Managing Partner Hong Kong, Senior Executive Coach

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