Estelle Haas


Senior Executive Coach

Paris, France

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Coaching Experience

  • Actress @Les Allumeurs de Réverbères
  • Singer : @calypso_music


  • ESCP Europe Paris/Londres – Master in Management

As an actress and public speaking coach, Estelle assists corporate executives, teams and entrepreneurs with both written and oral presentations and interventions.

When the connection is established, everything is linked and converges towards a moment of shared emotion, anchoring each person to a present lived as a collective experience.

Kae Tempest

Professional background

A graduate of ESCP Europe, Estelle began her career in financial management at L’Oréal, where she discovered the challenges of corporate communication. She observed that managers and directors had difficulties expressing themselves with impact in front of their colleagues and teams.

Coaching expertise

A theater enthusiast since her discovery of the stage while getting her prestigious “hypokhâgne” diploma, she trained as an actor at the Cours du Foyer in Paris. Working as an actress and theater director, she co-founded the troupe Les Allumeurs de Réverbères and La Belle Epoque.

Estelle believes in engaging, dynamic words that leave a mark and trigger action. She draws on each individual’s personality to help them develop their personal style when speaking and presenting in public: each technic and tool used must be logical and ring true for the coachee. Today, thanks to this dual role, Estelle coaches CEOs of major corporations, senior civil servants and politicians.

What we say about Estelle Haas at Turningpoint

Estelle is committed, simple, straightforward, frank and cheerful. Her energy, her presence and her ability to connect to people she meets, inspire confidence and the desire to excel.

Points of view

Embodying the transformation through theater exercises
Picto Inspiring

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Embodying the transformation through theater exercises

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