Christophe Mikolajczak


Senior Executive Coach

Brussels, Belgium

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified coach by Academy of Executive Coaching, UK (2009)
  • ICF PCC (2011)
  • 14 years experience in coaching Executives and leadership team across 15 sectors

Professional background

  • Senior Expert, Organisation Behavior, McKinsey & Company (2006-2009)
  • Senior Engagement Leader, McKinsey & Company (2000-2006)


  • MBA, KU Leuven, Simon Business School (Belgium)
  • MA Economics & Philosophy, Oxford, (UK)

Personal commitments

  • Guest faculty at HEC Paris Coaching school
  • Training & supervising coaches in systemic coaching (2018)


Book co-author: Leadership Team Coaching in Practice, 3d Edition, 2022

Christophe coaches Executives and Senior Teams for the development of personal, team, and transformational leadership. He supports his clients in leading at their best, and renewing the way they lead and work together, in a way that fosters inspiration, personal alignment, trust and value creation.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Professional background

Before being a coach, Christophe worked for 9 years at McKinsey as senior engagement leader, where he personally led more than 25 strategic initiatives, with a particular focus on pioneering approaches for cultural transformation, behavioral change, and top team development.
He became a coach in 2009, to facilitate learning and development through a more relational, emergent and systemic approach, based on human values.

Coaching expertise

As a coach with more than 14 years experience, he has worked internationally across 15 sectors with coachees from large and mid-size companies. He has developed a particular expertise in coaching for visionary, team, and transformational leadership grounded in real personal development. He has personally designed and led several successful top team coaching, organisation coaching, and leadership development programmes for global leading companies. He has been training and supervising coaches in systemic and team coaching since 2018.
Drawing on his dual experience as a coach and a consultant, he has developed original organisation coaching approaches for the development of a shared vision, the development of company culture, the facilitation of change, to enable transformation at the level of individuals, teams and organisations.

What we say about Christophe Mikolajczak at Turningpoint

Coachees tend to appreciate his natural way of building trust, his ability to navigate and make connections across a broad spectrum of coaching questions, his depth, and his mix of intuition and pragmatism.

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