Takahiro Kurata


Senior Executive Coach

Tokyo, Japan

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified ICF coach (2015)
  • Certified coach by CoachA (2012)
  • Speaking Circles® certified facilitator (2018)

Professional background

  • R&D Director at Acutelogic Inc.
  • Liaison manager at Sony of America
  • Senior Engineer, Six SIgma Master Black Belt, Sony, Japan
  • Semiconductor design engineer, Sony, California


  • Master of Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Ohio University, USA

Personal commitments

  • Director of ICF Japan chapter (2015 – 2016)

Takahiro has a holistic coaching approach, combining systematic organization with a deep sensitivity to his clients’ emotional dynamics. His extensive management background in diverse global business environments has made him particularly effective with executives, directors, and managers.

A genius cannot defeat someone who works hard. Someone who works hard cannot defeat someone who enjoys their work.


Professional background

Takahiro began his career as a semiconductor design engineer and developed high performance microprocessor in San Jose California. He became a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, trained and consulted more than 300 of process improvement projects. His experience includes liaison manager between Sony headquarters in Japan and VLSI development teams in San Jose, California. He had experience of managing high-end video processing LSI development team including negotiations to the semiconductor fabrication plants and collaborations with firmware development teams.

Coaching expertise

Through his professional journey, Takahiro came to appreciate the critical role of effective communication while leading R&D teams in developing cutting-edge products with complex challenges and specialized team members. His search for ways to motivate and foster productivity led him to discover coaching. Witnessing firsthand how coaching conversations could inspire and yield positive outcomes for teams, Takahiro developed a passion professional coaching. He now focuses on nurturing emerging leaders with a coaching mindset and skills, particularly in navigating the uncertainties of the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) era. Starting his career in developing leading-edge technologies, Takahiro is now dedicated to empowering high-performing leaders with a blend of humanity and professionalism amidst today’s challenging business landscape.

What we say about Takahiro Kurata at Turningpoint

Takahiro thrives on curiosity, digging deep to uncover root causes and improve situations rather than opting for quick fixes.

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