Maddy Lucia-Grace


Senior Executive Coach

London, UK

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Coaching Experience

  • EMCC accredited practitioner

Professional background

  • HR, Training and Development, AIG
  • Reinsurance Broker, Bain Clarkson Ltd


  • BA Hons in European Studies and Modern Languages, French and Italian, University of Bath

Personal commitments

  • Sponsoring three children through Compassion UK
  • Pro bono coaching for the charity sector

Maddy is an experienced coach working as a specialist in change; she guides organisations and individuals through the psychological process which needs to accompany successful and lasting change.

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what lies within out into the world, miracles happen.

Henry David Thoreau

Professional background

Maddy began her career as a broker in Lloyds of London, she then moved into HR where she played a pivotal role in sourcing and delivering training courses. An unexpected event prompted Maddy to recalibrate her life’s direction, leading her to retrain as an Executive Transformational Coach. Since then, she has developed a specialism in supporting and coaching clients facing significant professional and personal changes. Maddy collaborates with diverse clients across sectors including, leadership teams navigating organisational changes, women in leadership and c-suite professionals crafting an exit pathway at retirement. Maddy assists leadership teams in understanding the psychological impact of workplace changes. She equips managers to support their people through change and provides tools to foster resilience.

Coaching expertise

Motivated by her own experience of seismic change, Maddy embarked on research to understand the psychological journey accompanying transitions. This led her to delve into Jung’s psychology of individuation and the holistic journey towards self-wholeness. Maddy’s studies encompass the psychological transition process accompanying change and she explored the neuroscience explaining how our brains adapt during transition. Driven by a passionate commitment, Maddy is dedicated to helping others navigate change with resilience and grace.

What we say about Maddy Lucia-Grace at Turningpoint

Maddy is known for her ability to get to the heart of any matter quickly; her intuition and warmth are matched by a fierce desire to make things happen!

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