Donatienne du Jeu

du Jeu

Senior Executive Coach

Paris, France

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Coaching Experience

  • Public speaking expert since 2015
  • Certified coach (International Mozaik)
  • Supervised by J-A Malarewicz
  • Talents© certified

Professional background

  • Written and oral communication educator
  • Communications consultant
  • Associate Professor of Literature


  • Aggregation in Modern Literature
  • Masters in Modern Litterature

Personal commitments

  • Author and performer of numerous lyrical shows


Donatienne accompanies managers on a path of authenticity and energy, enabling them to discover their resources and their full freedom of action. A master communicator, she helps them to take their rightful place in the world.

When the will is governed by nothing, it becomes pure Power.

Romain Graziani, L’usage du vide

Professional background

Achieving the prestigious aggregation in Modern Literature, Donatienne first taught literature while pursuing a career as an opera artist and author of original shows performed in several Parisian theaters. In 2015, she became a communications strategy consultant and public speaking expert. This activity led her to executive coaching, gradually transforming her posture in the service of leadership development.

Coaching expertise

Introduced to the systemic approach which she works on with J-A Malarewicz and F. Balta in supervision groups, Donatienne places great importance on paradoxical questioning and the system in which the individuals she accompanies evolve. Her quality of presence and her high sensitivity also led her to practice a gestalt approach to coaching, enabling leaders to develop a better awareness of themselves and their interactions.

Her artistic creation and stage experience influence her coaching style, embodying a spirit of lightness and a pursuit of accuracy at all levels. Marked by the experience of radical professional changes guided by the quest for meaning, Donatienne has a taste coaching style that liberates, helping each individual to find their true place.

What we say about Donatienne du Jeu at Turningpoint

Donatienne has a talent for putting managers at ease so that they can free themselves of their inhibitions in a joyful, professional atmosphere.

Points of view

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TP Lab explores the Power of Generative Leadership

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Transforming News

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