Christina Khoo


Managing Director Turningpoint Asia, Senior Executive Coach


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Coaching Experience

  • Coach ICF certified by NLG (2014)
  • Designing, managing and coordinating development programs

Professional background

  • Managing Director, Christina Khoo Consultancy Ltd
  • Agency Director – SP Prime & Assoc (AIA)


  • American College- CLU & ChFC, USA
  • Middlesex U – Post-Grad Neuroscience of Leadership, UK

Christina believes in the inexhaustible potential in all individuals. This conviction fuels her quest to provide inspirational messages, structures and systems facilitating discovery and greater achievements in her clients both personally, professionally, and within teams.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

Professional background

Christina comes with a background of 25 years in the financial services industry where she honed her skills as a respected leader, coach and motivator to thousands of consultants.  A great communicator, her engaging presentations have made her a well sought-after speaker and trainer in the industry.  She has graced many platforms and training events both locally and internationally, addressing audiences on a range of topics from sales & marketing, to leadership and management and personal & professional effectiveness.

Deciding to retire from ”hard work” to do ”heart work”, she stumbled into the world of coaching, specifically, brain-based coaching.  Not only did she commit herself fully to get certified as a professional coach, she also went on to train and mentor coaches.

Coaching expertise

For over a decade now, Christina is most passionate about providing Executive and Leadership coaching.  She works with a number of international clients present in Singapore and around the region, providing individual Executive and Group Coaching.  Her diverse clientele includes executives aspiring to become the best versions of themselves, to senior leaders seeking to become more effective and inspiring leaders.  Christina’s driving purpose is “touching lives where it counts!”.

What we say about Christina Khoo at Turningpoint

Someone who is energetic and inspirational.  Always curious and a life-long learner.  Compassionate and kind.  Tries to live life to the fullest… and embraces a ‘One Life to Live’ philosophy

A (great) international coaching and transformation consultancy, committed to developing authentic, innovative and collaborative leadership in executives and entrepreneurs, their teams and organizations.


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