Lionel Bikart


Senior Executive Coach

Tokyo, Japan

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified Coach (2013)
  • Master Certified ICF Coach, MCC
  • EMCC Certified Team Coach, ITCA

Professional background

  • Senior Investment Controller, Advisor to the Board, Group Franz Haniel & Cie, Germany
  • Doctoral Candidate and Leadership Research Assistant, Hagen University, Germany & Japan


  • MSc in International Management, Diplom-Kauffmann, ESCP Business School (Paris, Oxford, Berlin)


Lionel is an Executive, Leadership and Team Coach with more than 25 years of continuous international experience from France, Germany, UK and Japan.

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

C.S. Lewis

Professional background

Building on his experience of living and working in three languages across Europe and Asia, Lionel’s professional journey is richly anchored in both practical experience and academic expertise. He has held key roles in international management and corporate finance, serving on the boards of large multinational corporations for over a decade. Simultaneously, Lionel engaged in leadership research as a university scholar for another decade. It was during his research that he encountered coaching, igniting a passion that ultimately led to his transition into this transformative profession.

Coaching expertise

Lionel is passionate about empowering managers and leaders to thrive in a global environment with serenity. This entails enhancing their leadership and intercultural competencies, infusing their lives with meaning, inspiring others, and maximizing their impact within their teams.

Transitioning to a professional coach allowed Lionel to integrate his profound interest in effective leadership practices and workplace fulfillment. His coaching approach supports individuals and teams in realizing their fullest potential. Grounded in principles of openness, authenticity, positivity, and creativity, Lionel employs evidence-based coaching methodologies to cultivate a flourishing work experience. Central to his practice is the establishment of a strong client relationship, where he serves as a trusted sounding board and strategic partner.

What we say about Lionel Bikart at Turningpoint

Lionel is open-minded, an empathic listener, and has a pragmatic understanding of work and life commitments. He is flexible, resourceful, optimistic, with a good sense of humor, which helps his clients through the tensions of corporate political life. His approach is holistic, versatile and respectful, and enables deeper and sustainable change.

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