Ken Homer


Senior Executive Coach

San Francisco, USA

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified as an Integral Coach® by New Ventures West, Ken has been coaching leaders and executives for over 20 years.

Professional background

  • Founder of Collaborative Conversations
  • Adjunct faculty in the Positive Psychology program at San Francisco State University
  • Worldview Literacy Project Manager at The Institute for Noetic Sciences


  • A.S. Computer Science, Middlesex Community College
  • Immunity to Change training, Harvard University

Personal commitments


Many articles on Linkedin such as :

Trained as an Integral Coach® with a background that includes a decade on the core team that developed the World Café dialogue process, Ken works at the intersection of individual, team, and organizational learning to open up new vistas of thinking while finding practical steps for effective action.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to use emotion to increase your own and others’ success.

Annie McKee

Professional background

Several years ago, Ken abandoned his quest to be the smartest person in the room and  switched his focus to making each room he is in smarter. Ken’s working assumption is that all work involving more than one person will be coordinated via conversation, but only certain conversations coordinate work. Observing his own clients, he noticed that intelligent, well intended, and adequately resourced teams often fail to produce the outcomes they are charged with. He determined that the source of the problem was a lack of ”conversational competence” – they had not learned the skills to hold the right conversation at the right time with the right people about the right topic which would lead to the right outcome. He’s been helping clients build that collective capacity ever since.

Coaching expertise

Ken’s main focus is helping his clients to discover, hone, and integrate the multiple intelligences that are available to each of us. Learning how to access and effectively use social, emotional, and relational intelligences is not a panacea for all our workplace ailments, but it does go a long way towards creating the kind of milieu where people feel valued and appreciated and where they can do their best work.

Ken has worked extensively with women and people of color on inclusion efforts to cultivate dignity, justice, and belonging, and the creation of brave (not safe) work spaces where hard truths can be heard and worked through for greater understanding and alignment.

What we say about Ken Homer at Turningpoint

Those who’ve worked with Ken know he can be counted on for creative ideas and uniquely informed perspectives. His intelligence, his dedication, and his caring are abundantly evident, as is his kindness and humor.

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