Karolina Ehretsmann

Karolina Ehretsmann

Senior Executive Coach

Munich, Germany

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As a professional coach and educator, Karolina capitalizes on her organizational and intercultural frame of reference, her curiosity and her experience, to accompany executives, managers and teams in achieving their potential and their autonomy while facing professional challenges and organizational complexity. Increasing cultural awareness and facilitating cross-cultural collaboration at a personal, professional and organizational levels are among her passions.

At the crossroads of three cultures, Karolina is of French-Icelandic origin and grew up in Great Britain before pursuing her studies in France. For more than 12 years, Karolina worked in operational and managerial positions in marketing & communications within large groups (Schneider Electric, La Poste, Thales…) and small structures (Interactive Bureau, Majlis…). She was an expatriate for more than 11 years in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Great Britain, and Kenya. Her experiences and cultural encounters have enriched her with a multi-faceted perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in interacting and adapting in a multi-cultural environment.

Karolina holds a Master’s degree in Management from ESC Grenoble and is a certified coach from the Academy of Coaching and the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK). Her practice is based on a systemic and humanistic approach and she has completed more than 6 years of training in Transactional Analysis in the field of Organizations and Education (ATORG-Paris, TAWorks-Oxford). She is also trained in the field of interculturality (Elan Interculturel, Thiagi, Joseph Shaules). Karolina teaches at the Coaching Academy to develop future coaches.

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