Aude Grob


Senior Executive Coach

Paris, France

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Senior Executive Coach

  • Certified ICF coach by International Mozaik (2007)
  • Design and facilitate development programs
  • Individual and team coaching

Professional background

  • Director of Strategic Studies – Canal +
  • Senior Researcher – IFOP


  • ESA : Master 2 Quantitative Marketing
  • ESC Bordeaux, EBP : 3 BA de Business International (France, USA, Netherlands)
  • Diploma in Aromachology

Personal commitments

  • Volunteer tutoring for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Aude coaches holistically (head, heart, body). She draws on the strengths and talents of both individuals and groups. She helps individuals (re)connect with freedom, life, motivation and empowerment.

May I be given the strength to endure what cannot be changed and the courage to change what can be changed, but also the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

Marc Aurèle

Professional background

After 10 years dedicated to managing research and strategy teams in companies, first at Ifop and then within the Canal + Group, Aude decided to change career paths by becoming a coach in 2007.  With this professional transition, Aude wanted to put human development at the heart of her profession. Since then, she has led missions in organizations of all sizes, business sectors and backgrounds, always with the same determination to support transformations that are sustainable and meaningful for the people involved. Today, she accompanies managers, organizations and management teams through transformations.

Coaching expertise

Throughout her coaching career, Aude has studied various self-awareness tools and approaches, finally choosing to focus on the Gestalt.e approach since 2015. This posture enables her to support the work carried out in coaching beyond thoughts and reflections, by also including the dimensions of body and emotions. Indeed, Aude believes that lasting and profound transformation requires a holistic approach (head, heart, body). Aude particularly believes in Collective Intelligence and the importance of co-responsibility in her coaching.

Since 2019, she has also been offering specific coaching involving the olfactory sense, using the principles and techniques of Aromachology, which she has studied.

What we say about Aude Grob at Turningpoint

Aude is genuine and has a strong sense of empathy. She relies on her agility, her sense of humor and her ability to work on important and serious topics without taking herself too seriously.

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