Morvan Le Borgne

Le Borgne

Senior Executive Coach

Angers, France

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified Coach (2017)
  • CPCC certified by the Co-Active Institute (2019)
  • + 600 hours of individual coaching
  • Focus on C-suite

Professional background

  • Managing Director of the Alumni Association, University of Montréal
  • Managing Director, JCCM (business leaders collective of Montréal)
  • Strategic advisor to the Board of Directors of Gaz Métro & Hydro, Québec


  • M.A. in Public Relations, Université of Laval (Canada)
  • M.A. in Technology & Communication – UCO
  • B.A. in Technology & Communication – UCO

Personal commitments

  • Fellow International Visitors Leadership Program – US gov. 2014
  • Fellow Action Canada 2014-2015
  • Mission Head, Tunisia – Public Relations Without Borders (2014)

Morvan Le Borgne works with leaders and executives to maximize their positive impact with regard to their teams, ecosystem, and the planet. As a speaker, he inspires individuals and organizations to take a fresh look at leadership, as well as individual and collective performance.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Professional background

For over fifteen years, Morvan has been a strategic advisor to CEOs of multi-billion-dollar companies, as well as to several boards of directors. His work helps them improve the positive impact of their public communications and leads them to create a sustainable vision of their organization, in turn co-creating relationships with the global and local community. As a leader, Morvan has supported two non-profits undergoing major transformations. He has also been a guest of the Canadian and U.S. governments in two prestigious leadership programs and was Mission Head in Tunisia for Public Relations Without Borders.

Coaching expertise

Trained at the Co-active Training Institute in New York, his career as a professional coach has been inspired by a desire to excel and to tap into true authenticity. Co-creating unparalleled personal transformations with his clients is a gift and a privilege of which he never tires. His approach brings together three complementary pedagogical foundations that cover a large range of situations. Over the course of studies, personal adventures, and professional achievements, he discovered and embraced three schools of thought, that today constitute his coaching approach: the co-active model, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

A coach since 2017, Morvan has strived to make choices that resonate with his core beliefs: becoming an entrepreneur, incorporating mindfulness into his daily life, divesting himself of 98% of his possessions, going vegan, and living and working as a digital nomad in Canada, France, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Nicaragua and Mexico.

What we say about Morvan Le Borgne at Turningpoint

Morvan is recognized for his perceptive and fun-loving personality. He is warm, kind, inspiring, edgy, courageous, adventurous, humorous, and thoughtful.

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