Stéphanie Jarroux


Senior Executive Coach, Public Speaking expert

Paris, France

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Coaching Experience

  • Expert in public speaking and expression (2017)
  • Workshop leader for National Education
  • Public speaking trainer at Asffor Group
  • Cohesion trainer at Paris Airport

Professional background

  • Comedian, author
  • Editor-in-chief of the magazine FemininBio
  • Consultant in e-services strategies and communication Skynet, Belgacom Group


  • School of Journalism in Marseille
  • ISCOM, Master in Communication
  • INALCO, degree in Russian language and civilization

Personal commitments

  • Co-founder of a community café in a underprivileged area

Stéphanie supports teams and individuals in developing their abilities for self-expression, adapting to different environments with ease and creativity.

Where speech remains just words, speaking engages the body.

Jacques Lecoq

Professional background

For over 15 years, Stéphanie has held various positions in communication, marketing, and as editor-in-chief of a women’s magazine, before pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a comedian. For 7 years, she performed on stages in Paris and across the country with her solo show “Organic and Crazy: Tofu during the week, mojito on the weekend!”, which was played at the Palais des Glaces and in Avignon. Passionate about self-expression and care, she also trained in art therapy and specialized in helping school dropouts finding their way. She quickly discovered the relationship between learning difficulties and emotional disorders. She conducted various theater workshops in challenging schools and in child psychiatric facilities.

Coaching expertise

Driven by the desire to transmit, to support individuals in their expressive and creative journey, Stéphanie became an educator in public speaking for businesses. With her experience as a writer and comedian, she is eager to share her expertise on both elaborating text and with the message delivery. According to Stéphanie, every story is beautiful, it’s just a matter of telling the story well, embodying them, and expressing them. Inspired by the journey of Bertrand Périer, she is, like him, convinced that “we are all everyday orators”. She supports managers in their public speaking and with the various presentations they have to give. She also works with teams at the Paris Airport who are on their way to reintegrate after longer absences: she focuses on group cohesion, conflict management, and how to prepare to return to the field. To bring out creativity or create relationships, she uses improvisation, which she also teaches at a theater company.

What we say about Stéphanie Jarroux at Turningpoint

Stéphanie is bold and courageous: she has realized her childhood dream of getting on stage and making people laugh, she has made it her profession and proves that it is possible to rub shoulders with the stars!

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