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“A great team with a unique spirit”


Noun and name

1 – Toggle point, lever to pivot, turn, change. On a nautical chart, reference to trace your route and reach your destination.

TurningPoint Definition

2 – A (great) international coaching and transformation consultancy, committed to developing authentic, innovative and collaborative leadership in executives and entrepreneurs, their teams and organizations.


Executive coaches, facilitators and experts.


Partners, directors, and project managers globally.


Turningpoint founded, current turnover 10M€

Turningpoint in brief

Turningpoint is an international coaching and leadership development consultancy dedicated to the leadership development of Top Executives and High Potentials, in the service of a compelling vision and concrete results, notably during strategic transitions. Today, the Turningpoint teams consists of 12 partners and directors, a permanent staff of more than 20 people and a community of 200 coaches facilitating all over the world in English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and more…

Turningpoint: celebrating 10 years!

Our story...

Our story...

The adventure began in London in 1999 with a research project on leadership development, in collaboration with Ashridge University and HEC Paris. Since being established in Paris in 2008, Turningpoint has experienced rapid growth. To support our clients’ needs, offices were opened in Hong Kong in 2013, Geneva in 2015, Milan in 2016 and Singapore in 2023. Turningpoint also operates in the Americas from New York and Sao Paulo. On every program, Turningpoint provides an adventure with senior coaches united by a high level of professionalism combined with essential human values. Partners manage the local entities, while global operations are led by by four partners, Olivier Pelleau, Michel Mornet, Edouard de La Moissonnière and Véronique Girma.

Our Conviction

Leaders who are visionary, conscious of their vocation and that of their organization, courageous enough to overcome personal interests, and who engage their ecosystem can build more creative, collaborative, and responsible communities capable of responding to the economic, social and ecological challenges facing our world. 


Our mission is to develop these leaders, communities and organizations.

Our coaches,
a connected community

Over 200 executive coaches, facilitators and experts in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our (wonderful) coaches


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Turningpoint Community in images

Turningpoint Days 2024

Turningpoint Days 2024

Turningpoint Days 2024

Turningpoint Days 2024

Turningpoint Founder and Partner Olivier Pelleau celebrating the 10 years of Turningpoint in 2018

Some of our coaches, 2018

Coach Days 2023

Coach Days 2023

Turningpoint international Coach Days, 2023

The Climate Fresk workshop at the International Coach Days 2023

International Coach Days 2023, an occasion to learn about the latest coaching methods

Coach Days 2023, a moment to meet and exchange

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Turningpoint specializes in executive individual and group leadership and coaching and development.

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