Esteban Negroni


Senior Executive Coach

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified coach by the NLP & Coaching Institute of Argentina. (2009)
  • Certified as Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation

Professional background

  • Regional Study Manager, Wyeth
  • Regional Medical Monitor, Pfizer
  • Medical Scientific Liaison, Novartis


  • Medical Doctor, Universidad del Salvador
  • Psychiatrist, Universidad del Hopital Italiano

Personal commitments

  • International Coach Federation Member


Esteban Negroni is an accomplished senior executive coach and leadership consultant with multiple years of experience developing leaders from multinational organizations.

Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.

Tom Peters

Professional background

Esteban began his career in medicine as a specialist in psychiatry. He cared for patients for five years, both at the hospital and in his private practice, before transitioning to the pharmaceutical industry. Esteban worked at 3 different multinational pharmaceutical companies (Wyeth, Pfizer and Novartis) for close to a decade, holding both local and regional positions. He had the opportunity to lead successful teams and work in diverse markets, which helped him develop a broad multicultural perspective. During those years, he received leadership training and learned about coaching. From that moment on, Esteban began his journey towards becoming an Executive Coach.

Coaching expertise

Esteban manages to combine all his diverse professional experience and knowledge at the service of his coaching practice. Drawing from a deep understanding of human behavior, learning processes and corporate life, Esteban implements leadership development solutions that link individual effectiveness to organizational performance. He is straightforward and solution-focused in his approach to guiding growth journeys and employs situational and self-awareness as foundations to anchor leaders, helping them enhance their strengths, explore unlocked potential, and prioritize development opportunities. Esteban has been conducting executive coaching, group coaching, career management, and leadership training since 2006 for frontline leaders to C-suite executives.

What we say about Esteban Negroni at Turningpoint

Esteban is kind, energetic and persistent. He enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, cooking an authentic Argentinian barbecue, playing sports, traveling and being in the nature. One of his main drivers in life is to help others to find happiness.

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