Felicia Lauw


Senior Executive Coach


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Coaching Experience

  • Certified ICF coach (2009) and EMCC Master Coach (2020)
  • Winner of EMCC Global Supervision Award 2020

Professional background

  • VP and Head of Technology Services, Cap Gemini China
  • VP of Programme Office, DBS Bank
  • Senior Manager Consulting. Accenture


  • BSc Computer Science and Inf Systems, National University of Singapore

Personal commitments

  • Volunteer supervisor for EMCC Global Supervision Centre for Excellence


  • Mentoring with a Coaching Attitude – Chapter 18, McGraw Hill, OUP
  • Featured in Coaching At Work publication, Jan 2023.

Felicia is an executive thinking partner, leadership coach and facilitator, award-winning coach supervisor and organisational change specialist with a passion for catalysing sustainable and healthy systems.

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Lao Tzu

Professional background

Felicia started her career in human capital development at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and later extended her consulting expertise to organizational transformation for multinational companies in Asia and worldwide.

Over the years, while spearheading transformative change across diverse cultures, she has discovered that success hinges on a dynamic team of individuals with strong self-awareness and effective collaboration skills. This is fostered through numerous impactful conversations that cultivate trust, enabling experimentation, innovation, and successful execution.

Coaching expertise

Felicia is dedicated to fostering thriving human connections, collaborating with her clients to co-create sustainable societal growth through healthy, energizing, and candid dialogue.

Her coaching practice encompasses C-suite executives, VPs, department heads, and key managers from global industries such as FMCG, finance, hospitality, and logistics. She is passionate about guiding individuals and organizations through change, partnering closely to craft pragmatic and enduring transformation journeys.

Central to her coaching philosophy are key questions: What is your role here? What developmental focus serves both personal success and the greater good? What brings you fulfillment?

What we say about Felicia Lauw at Turningpoint

Felicia is not only dedicated to fostering thriving human connections and guiding organizational transformation but also finds joy in watercolor artistry and nurturing her collection of plants and orchids.

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