Jerome Welch


Senior Executive Coach

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified Facilitator/Assesor since 2013 by DDI
  • Certified People Coach since 2021 thru ICF ACSTH
  • Mid-Executive level Leaders in Banking/Finance, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Automotive industries

Professional background

  • Executive Coach/Facilitator, Turningpoint
  • Senior Consultant, DDI Malaysia
  • Project Manager, Alleati Consulting
  • Manager Shared Services Operations, Shell Business Service Centre


  • Degree in Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne

Personal commitments

  • Coach/Mentor/Worship Enabler, KL Wesley Methodist Church


  • Seminars and Plenary talks; Toastmasters, Rotary Club, DDI Malaysia, Maxis Malaysia

The world is full of wonder and mystery, awaiting for us to be more perceptive and curious to uncover them. My privilege as a coach, is I never stop discovering these new and amazing things through the unique lenses of the people I work with.

Leadership is about service to something bigger than oneself.

Jim Collins

Professional background

Thinking about what will help others become better, is what keeps great leaders awake at night. To them, success is all about growing others. Jerome has been working for nearly 20 years with these men & women, who are at the helm of medium to large enterprises, corporations spanning multiple industries, for e.g. Banking/Finance, Healthcare, IT, Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas. He’s been in various roles, leading, coaching, developing, and assessing in a bid to help people and organizations with their purpose-driven or business-centric approach to ensuring both leadership and talent readiness.


Coaching expertise

Holding numerous leadership positions, both operational and project, Jerome spent over 24 years in an oil & gas multinational. A significant element of his role entailed spearheading and helping people through piecewise as well as considerable change and transformation. Subsequently, as a convenor, collaborator and catalyst for change, he’s been serving since 2014 with major HR Consultancies in roles of executive coaching, facilitation, and assessing.

What we say about Jerome Welch at Turningpoint

In very much the same way that diversity has been key to sustaining life, Jerome embraces it, convinced that leveraging diversity is what will keep people and organizations continuously relevant to the communities and markets they choose to be part of. He is curious and open to new ideas and information, and believes that these are crucial to natural and inexorable evolution.

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