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Qualifying adjective

1- Existing, occurring, or carried on between nations.

TurningPoint Definition

2- A presence on all continents, with coaches of diverse origins and cultures, the source of the richness of the Turningpoint ecosystem.

Think global, act local

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See more coaches

The Turningpoint Community across the globe

We are present on five continents

We are present on five continents

Turningpoint facilitates leadership development programs and supports Executives in Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Our coaches lead sessions most often in English, but also in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese or Mandarin.

Because culture matters

Because culture matters

From diverse cultural and linguistic horizons, our coaches have a common approach and significant international experience in the business world. They form a close-knit and unified international community based on shared values. Each coach contributes to research and development of new approaches to leadership and coaching methods that they put into practice in diverse contexts.

Ready to deploy, right now

Ready to deploy, right now

With an internal staff of 30 located in 6 different locations, and 160 local coaches spread across five continents, we have the capacity, the drive and the experience to swiftly design and deploy your program according to your specific needs. Based on our experience and expertise, we strongly believe in the importance of co-constructing with you to ensure that your needs are met.

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Turningpoint specializes in executive individual and group leadership and coaching and development.

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