Alice Gheorghiu


Senior Executive Coach

Pau, France

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified coach at IAE Bordeaux (2014)
  • Member of EMCC

Professional background

  • Coach, trainer and consultant with Être Présent
  • Actress & acting director
  • Production management & administration
  • Tam Tam Théâtre


  • AGECIF Paris, Administration and management of cultural enterprises
  • DEUG Psychology, Faculty of Psychology Louis Pasteur University Strasbourg

Personal commitments

  • EMCC
  • IDESO South-West business leaders’ network

Alice Gheorghiu has been providing team and individual coaching to international organizations, SMEs and networks of managers for the past 10 years. Alice has a unique and innovative coaching approach thanks to her communication and theatrical techniques combined with her extensive coaching experience.

Logic will get you from point A to point B, imagination and boldness will get you where you want to go.

Albert Einstein

Professional background

After 15 years’ experience as a professional actress, then troupe and theater director, she was able to deepen and shape her coaching, management and transmission skills. Over the years and through professional encounters, Alice has developed a passion for coaching actors, helping them to achieve their goals with authenticity: clarifying intentions, mastering emotions, finding the posture, gestures, gaze and voice to act with fluidity and charisma. In the course of her research and training, she has built a bridge between acting and professional coaching.

Coaching expertise

A senior coach and member of EMCC France, she has developed her own coaching method, which focuses on the subtleties of a person’s bodily, gestural, emotional and relational functioning. This approach releases the coachee’s power, vitality and potential for action, simply and effectively.

Her method is imbued with pragmatism: working on physical posture to act on mental posture and vice versa. By becoming aware of their posture and readjusting it in action, individuals reconnect with their power, enabling them to use this potential in professional situations. Today, Alice enriches her coaching with her knowledge of neuroscience, non-violent communication and emotional intelligence.

What we say about Alice Gheorghiu at Turningpoint

Travelling the world, Alice has a sense of adventure. She also travels with her heart to move forward, learn and grow. She truly loves people and believes in their living, creative force.

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