Our learning methods

Our approach privileges experimentation, practical application and interaction between participants, whether the journey is face-to-face, blended or 100% remote.

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Tailor-made & impactful

Tailor-made & impactful

All Turningpoint programs are unique and personalized to the needs of our clients. Learning designs are developed by the Turningpoint team in close collaboration with the client, using a proven and effective process.

Experiential & action-oriented

Experiential & action-oriented

Our learning approach prioritizes experimentation, practical exercises and interaction between participants. Theoretical contributions are designed to be synthetic and insightful, benefitting practice and action.

Innovating & inspiring

Innovating & inspiring

The Turningpoint Lab designs new development approaches and self-awareness tools. Turningpoint has forged numerous partnerships with start-ups and innovative organizations, adapting the use of interactive digital and new technologies to the chosen development topics.

Facilitated by senior coaches and experts, aligned with our learning methods

The entire Turningpoint team adheres to an agile culture by regularly innovating learning approaches and coaching methods. Coaches are constantly upgrading their knowledge on managerial innovations.

A blended expertise

A blended expertise

We believe that blended learning is an effective learning method based on 4 key components:

  • Customized formats and content
  • Simple and attractive facilitation tools
  • Constant innovation within learning approaches
  • Dedicated teams of experts

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Great coaches in all aspects: quality of the process, flow, way of supporting all the participants to embrace the leadership technics, balance with emotion and self reflexion.


For each participant, we encourage a strong and lasting personal investment and an in-depth development of their management and leadership skills along with their peers, allowing them to become influential leaders.


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Over 200 executive coaches, facilitators and experts in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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