Damien Lefebvre


Senior Executive Coach

Pau, France

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified coach by Alliance Coach (2017)
  • Codevelopment facilitator
  • Enneagram : certified cycle 2 CEE

Professional background

  • R&D manager BU Building systems (Limoges and Pau), Legrand
  • RF Expert Center Manager, Arnould
  • Multi-project Group Manager, Valeo


  • Electronic engineer ISEN

Personal commitments

  • EMCC member

In this increasingly complex and fast-moving world, Damien works with individuals and teams who seek to base their actions on purpose and people in order to stay on course.

Theory is when you know everything and nothing works; practice is when everything works and nobody knows why.

Albert Einstein

Professional background

After obtaining his diploma in engineering, Damien gained 30 years of industry experience, initially in an SME, then in major international groups, such as Valeo and Legrand, always in product development departments. He likes innovation, the satisfaction of creating and the pleasure of uniting people around a shared vision. Above all, he likes human adventures : meeting new people, the richness and power of teamwork, being open to differences and complementarity of professions.

2016, Damien suffered a burn-out which led him to take a step back. He joined a coaching training program to understand what happened, how the burn-out could have been prevented and to learn how to avoid it happening again. In 2017, he decided to put his experience at the service of individuals and teams.

Coaching expertise

“V. Lenhardt’s book “Coaching for meaning” is the bible of coach and team training. This title inspired Damien’s personal motto : “Acting for meaning“ which guides him in all his individual and team coaching sessions.

Damien also did Enneagram training. This self-awareness tool has helped him discover and understand himself better, and to identify different ways of exploring the world, so much that he enjoys using it in his coaching work. He help his coaches gain self-awareness and free themselves from limiting behaviors, and also in shedding light on other’s behaviors and learning to accept them.

What we say about Damien Lefebvre at Turningpoint

It’s easy to work with Damien: he’s a good listener, caring, creative and demanding at the same time! Damien creates strong relationships based on trust.

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