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Victor Cellier

Victor Cellier

Project Manager
Languages : French, English


Graduated with a Master of Business Administration and business development degree, Victor is particularly interested in the challenges of digital transformations and how companies navigate through them.

After earning his degree, he worked for two years in project management in the Brand and Marketing department at Orange, a French telecommunication group. He was thus able to participate in the development of brands locally and internationally.

Eager to take on challenges and to discover new ways of working, he jumped at the opportunity to spend a few months in China and later on live in the United States for several years. During the latter, he launched a real estate investment consulting company. Wishing to promote an economic model with a positive impact, he encouraged the use of home renewable energies systems. This entrepreneurial experience has enabled him to manage numerous projects and to deal with agile project management and leadership issues that arise from it.

Victor is a true philanthropist, and regularly volunteers for non-profits supporting the homeless, migrants and senior citizens.

Now as a Project Manager at Turningpoint, Victor facilitates the logistical and administrative aspects of projects.