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March 20, 2020

Turningpoint UK - Virtual Coaching Centre

This is a timely intervention to build agility and create the resilience that is needed to face the challenges that your leaders are experiencing today. We can and do achieve the same impact as our face to face executive coaching, whether you are looking for:

  • Just in time Coaching: one-off 90-min coaching session (video call)
  • Transitions Coaching: three 90-min coaching sessions (video call)
  • Personal Coaching Hotline: on-demand coaching sessions (video call)

Turningpoint executive coaches make the difference – they are all experts from a range of backgrounds with extensive experience coaching individuals and teams through situations of extreme pressure and demands, from war zones to Olympic competitions to boardrooms.

All our coaches are certified by a coaching school and/or independent coaching association such as ICF (International Coach Federation) and the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and commit to continued training and regular supervision.

Benefits for the individual:

  • A thinking partner to work through key business decisions or specific leadership dilemmas
  • Practical support with mapping out options and building action plans
  • Preparing for changes in context and role brought from current external circumstances
  • Methods for managing stress, change, conflict or crisis
  • Enhancing personal impact and performance

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Greater commitment and buy-in from your leaders
  • Retaining talent and keeping engagement and motivation
  • More creative outlook in business planning
  • Building positive relationships between people and departments
  • Facilitating the adoption of a solutions-focused and resilient culture in your business

Fore more information, please contact: