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#Future of Work - Managing from the heart

June 25, 2019

#Future of Work - Managing from the heart

As part of the Future of Work events, Turningpoint organized a breakfast with a few clients to discuss the stimulating topic “Managing with the heart”.


Executive Turningpoint Coach and author Fabienne Michaille, shared her experience writing the book Managing with the heart, How great leaders put people at the core of business


Being a a leader who federates people and finding an appropriate work-life balance will allow you to find ways to manage with the heart, to find your true leadership style using your natural talents and strengths.


Turningpoint believes that “Managing” with the “Heart” is not incompatible, on the contrary. It is actually the recipe for a successful in-depth organizational transformation.  "Exemplarity is fundamental for succeeding a transformation; we can not transform the world if we do not start by transforming ourselves", says Michel Mornet, Turningpoint Partner.

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