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#Future of Work - Lead as an entrepreneur

May 17, 2019

#Future of Work - Lead as an entrepreneur

Whether you are a millennial or a babyboomer, entrepreneurship is a concept that attracts, fascinates and intrigues. Today, large organizations are increasingly concerned by questions like: how do we integrate the entrepreneurial approach in order to renew our organizations? And is entrepreneurship a state of mind?

Turningpoint believes that whether you are part of a start-up or of an organization, you can call yourself an entrepreneur. This was the topic for the Future of Work breakfast event on April 18th, 2019.

Speakers and participants discussed the definition of entrepreneurial leader and how we can adopt a more entrepreneurial behavior in our organizations. Many different and interesting angles emerged: allowing more risk-taking, promoting networking, changing our perspective of failure, developing more resilience as leaders, to mention a few.

Video Lead as an Entrepreneur.

Our Speakers:
Stéphanie Goujon, Social Entrepreneur, GM of French Impact, accelerator of social innovation.
Benoit Rabourdin, former CEO of Nestlé subsidiaries, co-founder and CEO of the start-up Hubtobee.
Amaury Houdart, HR Director of Euronext, transformation assistant.
Olivier Pelleau, Entrepreneur and founder of Turningpoint, Executive Coach.