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September 21, 2018

An economic revolution inspired by nature

A partner of Turningpoint since 2016, the Zermatt Summit is currently organizing it's yearly summit on the theme "An economic revolution inspired by nature." 


Faced with difficulties of our economic production model, this year’s edition the Zermatt Summit wants to show possible paths that we can take towards regenerative growth by describing trends and scenarios that are difficult to interpret, making them visible, understandable, accessible and promising. The focus will be to put back the human person at the center of innovation in technology, food and energy. An economic revolution inspired by nature is underway. There is no more powerful force to drive innovation and change than human enterprise.


Primarily conceived for business leaders, the Zermatt Summit’s program is a catalyst destined to inspire, to share innovation and to translate new business development models into action, prioritizing human dignity in our globalized world.


Date : September 21-23, 2018

Place : Hôtel Mont Cervin Palace, Zermatt, Switerland 



The Zermatt Summit, partner of Turningpoint, is an international platform to promote a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between the various actors of society, ranging from business to civil society, academy, religion, arts and politics.


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