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A successful launch for the Change Catalysts Network !

June 1, 2017

A successful launch for the Change Catalysts Network !

Today, transformation is unavoidable - both for us and our organizations. The question is how can we approach projects for which we are responsible with serenity, given the increasing complexity of the world that is beyond our control?


How can we transform in a positive and sustainable way? What meaning can we give to our actions and how can we share this knowledge? Beyond organizational processes or values, how do we identify and deploy new a mindset favoring trust, commitment and innovation? How do we identify and encourage change catalysts in our organizations?


On June 1st, capitalizing on our extensive experience coaching CEOs who are carrying out transformations, Turningpoint offered its clients the opportunity to discover the power of the systemic approach in order to experience the essence of a positive organizational transformation.

Upcoming workshop: June 29 on Appreciative Inquiry.
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