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Positive Transformation

The world needs different answers, it is time to start asking different questions!

We live in a paradoxical world. A world that loves to spend time pointing and prodding at its problems, thinking that solutions will naturally emerge! Our management habits and beliefs about change often lead to an impasse in which our teams and organizations appear like a number of deficits to fill rather than a potential of resources to develop!


Create a new relational experience in your ecosystem




Positive Transformation is a concrete and unprecedented invitation to revisit our habits in three areas:

-the way we develop our leaders : POSITIVE LEADERSHIP
-the way we develop our organizations : POSITIVE ORGANIZATION
-the way we manage change : POSITIVE CHANGE PROJECTS

The mission of Positive Transformation is to “unclog the springs”of resources in our teams and organizations, which are quickly obstructed when traditional management practices foster unmet needs and frustrations. 


Time is of the essence, let’s get started! 

Train in the Positive Transformation & Appreciative Inquiry approach!