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Leadership development programs

The verb "to lead" in English comes from the indo-european word "leith" which means "to go forward," "cross a threshold" or "die":  a threshold must be crossed so that something new can appear, it is a "passage."  The leader is someone who will determine a vision, dare to venture into the unknown, and encourage his teams and others to go beyond their comfort zone and work through fears in order to construct a new project together.

Our tailor-made leadership development programs adapt to specific challenges and develop personal leadership - impacting the corporate leadership culture as a whole. They combine individual and collective face-to-face learning, with the possibility of digital support platforms.


You want your executives and High Potentials to be able to:

  • Decipher and understand actor strategies and their ecosystem and increase their influence and impact to lead transitions and transformations
    necessary to your organization

  • Promote cooperation and a collaborative approach between posts and entities in the Group to take advantage of assets and to develop innovative approaches

  • Anticipate possible evolutions of the business environment and create a global vision with meaning that encourages the long-term commitment of teams
  • Lead and develop their teams to create a sense of responsibility and allow the flow of creativity

  • Essentially, you want to develop the leadership of your Executives and High Potentials in helping them to develop their expertise, but also and especially to develop a vision, an identity, an approach and the qualities of individual and collective leadership.


  • Leadership not a science nor a technique, and can only be developed from personal experience and the experience of others

  • A Turningpoint Leadership programs represents a powerful long-term development experience, allowing the executive to sustainably exert his identity and increase his impact.

  • Our programs allow Executives and High Potentials to personally evolve, but also allows their executive committees and teams to evolve, in order to impact the whole company culture.



  • Leadership profiles
  • 360° feedback tools
  • E-learning preparation


  • Off-site retreats
  • Learning expeditions
  • High Potentials Lab
  • Workshop and Master Classes 


  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Co-development
  • Forum Communities

Digital Learning Platform


And you?


You can become a better leader

For Turningpoint, leadership is not something that is learned because an individual cannot be trained to create the future, nor to produce innovative and original responses to unique circumstances.
However, leadership is discovered and experienced by encouraging and stimulating each Executive. Even if each person has different aptitudes, everyone has capacities that are often unexploited that can be developed.

If you want to go higher, go deeper

We believe that above all else, people follow a person with an authentic personality, not a role or hierarchial position.

Even if leadership styles are numerous and varied, we believe that a leader is someone who :

  • acts ethically and presents a unified vision and convictions
  • has confidence in himself
  • puts his strengths to use in the service of a project
  • is open with others
  • re-evaluates his ideas to constantly continue the learning process

In order to become this kind of leader, we can help each person to take a step back from the frenetic pace of the work place, surpass certain fears, and take off various "masks" in order to put things in perspective and look inward: each person is called to find within himself the foundations that allow him to freely engage in meaningful projects.
As coaches, our job is to help each person develop his personal goals and to firmly commit to achieving them.

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Examples of themes from our seminars

Transition from management to leadership


Transition from management skills and develop an identity and approach to discover and integrate the skills of a leader


  • identify personal preference and develop leadership skills in an uncertain context
  • embody the vision, mission, and values of the Group
  • determine and manage leadership tensions specific to one’s post and personality
  • develop networks and cooperation between branches and locales
  • strengthen the Group’s identity and sense of belonging
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Transformational leadership


Develop the capacity to lead successful, major transformations


  • Understand the fundamental elements and dynamics of change
  • Develop and share a vision of the planned transformation
  • Build support for change and the ability to carry it out while engaging all stakeholders in the process
  • Put into place the governance necessary to implement the change
  • Create an organization open to learning
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Business and strategy


Transition from operational management to strategic management in order to bring together vision, decision, and implementation


  • manage tensions and Group strategic alignments, adapted to local contexts
  • build a strategic vision oriented towards the client
  • identifier the levers of implementation based on cooperation and risk control
  • transform one’s capacities into a Business Action Plan
  • communicate about the change linked to the Business Action Plan and mobilize stakeholders
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Executive on-boarding


Accomplish a successful on-boarding as an executive or senior manager


  • Identify the path between the old and new position and evaluate the challenges and risks involved in the on-boarding
  • Understand and integrate the natural tensions of the new mission, new relationships, and decision-making modes (based on “The 8 Tensions of Leadership© »)
  • Decipher actor strategies and the new ecosystem (supervisor, team, partners, clients…)
  • Establish a 6-month on-boarding plan according to the « Steps of On-boarding© »
  • Prepare the next steps in order to strengthen one’s influence
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Our modules or Turningpoint Master Classes are shorter sessions that focus on one specific leadership challenge and often follow from the seminars :

  • Actively engage your teams and stakeholders : Build the commitment of one’s teams and stakeholders in a complex and uncertain environment.
  • Develop and share a vision : Define a vision for the department or BU, aligned with the Group and personal vision.
  • Lead a project : Discover the appropriate position to take and develop skills in order to lead a complex project.
  • Transform your business activity (entrepreneurship) : Take initiatives in order to ameliorate the performance of one’s business activity all the while controlling potential risks.
  • Innovate : Build creative capacities in one’s business to develop performance.
  • Integrate work and personal life : Find the right balance between professional and personal life for yourself and your teams.
  • Communicate with impact : Work on developing an effective oral communication skills in order to share a vision and inspire adherence to changes. 
  • Develop your ability to influence : Decipher your ecosystem in order to identify levers that will help to develop cooperation when reaching goals.