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The hallmark of tomorrow's leaders!

Our Mission

Accompanied by a group of experts and renowned researchers, Turningpoint coaches conceive and develop innovative coaching processes for executives, their teams and their organization.

Our Ambition

In the service of leadership development for executives, their teams and the entire organization, our goal is to inspire managerial innovation.

Our Governance

Steered by Benjamin Pavageau, the select TP Lab group includes Turningpoint partners, directors, coaches and experts.


How does TP Lab work? 

TP Lab meets once a month to share the fruit of their combined research, ideas and experiences.  The goal is then to develop new pedagogical approaches in order to create innovative coaching methods for leaders and their companies. These methods are tested during the sessions, which are collaboratively facilitated by the TP Lab members.

In turn, these methods enrich our coaching practice and are offered to Turningpoint clients through leadership development programs and other forms of coaching (individual coaching, team coaching, co-development, mentoring…)

Bi-annually, the TP Lab brings together all Turningpoint coaches to share and test results from TP Lab.