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Is there room for the logic of the "gift" within a business environment?

The « habit of giving » and its fundamental role for leaders, their teams and their organizations

Benjamin Pavageau, Turningpoint researcher, conducted a field study for his thesis from 2012-2015, following leaders in several large companies that were in the course of benefitting from a Turningpoint leadership development program.

This study was supervised by professor Pierre-Yves Gomez, economist, PhD in Management, professor of strategy at EM Lyon, director of IFGE (l'Institut Français de Gouvernement des Entreprises) and president of the French Academy of Management.

The thesis demonstrated that the logic of the "gift," regardless of its form, played a central role in leadership development, both at the individual level, within his/her team as well as in the organization as a whole.

Developing leadership with the logic of the "gift"

Based on these results, TP Lab works to create techniques to amplify and develop the "habit of giving" within a business environment with the goal of encouraging real leaders to emerge - leaders capable of embarking their teams, peers and organization. Leaders with the capability of self-giving and the ability to embody a vision and an ambition for the entire organisation, in the service of the common good.

In order to reach this goal, the TP Lab members design new pedagogical approaches to develop leaders and shared leadership based on the logic of the gift. They rely on different coaching approaches such as the systemic approach, Appreciative Inquiry as well as the "life narrative." Used in the management field, in Human Resources in particular, the "life narrative" allows a shared identity to emerge and promotes a strong and sustainable commitment within a group.