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Mehmouda Mittelstadt

Mehmouda Mittelstadt

Senior Coach
Languages : French, English, Spanish, Hindi


Mehmouda has 15 years of professional experience at an international level. She has held managerial positions at the United Nations, in small and medium sized enterprises as well as multinational companies. Finance, marketing and human resources were dominant activities where she was able to gain a deep knowledge about the corporate world as well as a refined understanding of inter-personal relationships.

Her studies (BA and Master degree in management of Human Resources, Essec group) in France, in UK, USA and Madagascar along with her Indian origins have greatly sensitized her to diverse and rich cultures. In addition, she was also able to benefit from special studies in India, in Ayurveda "Science of Life" in Sanskrit, allowing her to acquire a global vision of the human being.

As a coach, consultant and facilitator, she has developed a special interest and experience in Leading and Managing Changes. As a result, she works in multi-disciplinary, cross-functional and cross-cultural teams and projects: team values, cohesion and team performance, multicultural integration, participative management, talent management and conflict management.

Mehmouda is a certified Co-Active Coach, from CTI (Coaching Training Institute) and trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching by ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching), based on a systemic and holistic approach.