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Sophie Dacquet

Sophie Dacquet

Principal Coach
Languages : French, English, Italian


Sophie is an international coach working with executives and executive committees in complex and multicultural environments. She designs and runs seminars dedicated to leadership development within the framework of company transformations.

Interested by the systems theory of organizations, she helps teams in contexts of crisis to align and rally around their vision, as well to accept and tackle the strategic challenges for the company. Sophie also works with executives and their leadership development challenges, placing emphasis on the meaning that each person gives to his actions.

She began her professional career in Miami (Florida, USA), helping to build up a network of luxury store franchises. After returning to France, she developed a major Key Accounts portfolio during her time as Product Manager at Euro-RSCG, before taking charge of the sales department of a Parisian publishing firm specializing in the Business-to-Business market.

Sophie has a Master's in Business Coaching from Mozaïk International and was trained in the "Systemic Approach" by JA Malarewicz. She is also certified in several tools "Jungian" (Success Insight®, TMP, Talents...) as well as the eGoPrism tool.