Turningpoint leadership fast and curious senior executive coach Tristan Meisch

A Fast&Curious interview with Tristan Meisch

Gestalt or Appreciative Inquiry? Vulnerability or Audacity?


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We’re committed to developing authentic, innovative and collaborative leadership in executives and entrepreneurs, their teams and organizations

In reality we are way more than consultants… You’ll see that when we’ll work together.

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Our purpose is to develop communities of visionary, audacious and responsible leaders, capable of transforming their organization and ecosystem in the service of common good.

Executive leadership coaching

With over 5,000 executive coaching sessions and 300 team coaching sessions over the past 12 years, Turningpoint is internationally recognized for the excellence of its coaches, methods and philosophy of individual and team coaching.


Leadership programs

Turningpoint co-creates customized journeys with each client to develop managers and stimulate more innovative, cooperative and responsible leadership, in order to increase business performance and the positive impact of teams.


Transformational Leadership

Turningpoint’s approach to transformation is based on the systemic, appreciative and narrative methods of resource-oriented collective intelligence, as opposed to the more traditional corrective approach. These approaches and tools can be deployed for teams and large groups.


Inspirational Leadership

Turningpoint creates enriching encounters to enable teams and communities to project themselves into future challenges. By confronting their views, these exchanges allow them to let themselves be inspired and reinvent their view of the world.


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Gestalt or Appreciative Inquiry? Vulnerability or Audacity?

We asked Turningpoint coach, Tristan Meisch in Ludwigsburg, to play a game of "Fast & Curious".

The role of the leader as an enabler

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The role of the leader as an enabler

Leading through powerful questions

Transforming Blog

Leading through powerful questions

Meet Marguerite Chevreul, Senior Executive Coach at Turningpoint

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Meet Marguerite Chevreul, Senior Executive Coach at Turningpoint

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Since 2016, Turningpoint is recognized as a certified “B-Corporation” – a label with the highest standards of environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Turningpoint is ranked Gold by Ecovadis since 2019. Ecovadis is considered the World’s Most Trusted Business Sustainability Ratings

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