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Pioneers of CSR: 
Managers speak out on sustainability

Breakfast event

Paris, 8.30 am on September 7, 2017

How CSR is changing business

Turningpoint partner, New Angles, in collaboration with research consultancy, Early Strategies, are publishing a new study on Corporate Social Responsibility and its impact on corporations.

This unique new study includes the participation of 130 middle and senior managers from 107 large corporations in 25 countries, half of which have CSR roles. Their frank and direct answers help us understand in what way CSR and sustainable development transform corporations and constitute key factors for innovation, competition and team motivation.

Thursday 7 September at 8.30am,
Turningpoint, 58 rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris

With the authors of the study and certified coaches:

Cécile Demailly (Early Strategies) & Jacob Mayne (New Angles)
Nicolas Riom & Olivier Pelleau (Turningpoint)

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(This event will be held in French.)