Agnès Perrone


Managing director Turningpoint Italia, Senior Executive Coach

Milano, Italia

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Coaching Experience

  • Certified Coach since 2011 by ICF
  • Design, steering and facilitation of
    development programs
  • Appreciative Inquiry, Systemic Approach

Professional background

  • Senior Consultant, Sustainable, Paris
  • Change Management Consultant, Acemis, Rome


  • Sciences Po Paris
  • Master in Philosophy (Paris IV – Sorbonne)

Personal commitments

  • Member of Club APM Milan – Turin


  • Cultural Audit in a 3-company partnership
  • After the manager-coach… the Parent Coach?
  • Egoiste! (on work-life balance)

Of French nationality, born and raised in Germany, and has Agnès is comfortable coaching & facilitating in diverse multicultural situations.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

Professional background

Agnès started out as a consultant in change management in international environments with large Groups in Paris and in Rome. As a coach, from 2009, she helps reveal deep-seated motivations, personal resources, and give meaning to individual or collective projects.

Since 2010, she coaches managers attending the Global Executive MBA and EMBA Week End programs with SDA Bocconi in Milan. She started to collaborate with Turningpoint in 2014, then founded the Italian subsidiary in 2016 in Milan, from where she now leads a team of 12 senior coaches.

Coaching expertise

Agnès has studied multiple leadership development approaches and models: Crosscultural coaching in and Emotional Intelligence in 2010, ComColors model in 2012, Systemic Approach in 2015, Appreciative Inquiry in 2018, Barrett’s assessment questionnaire in 2021 and Organization Constellations 2020-22. Agnès is characterized by a strong desire to continuously learn and develop. Fascinated by people and group dynamics, she has chosen a profession that enables her to build deep, authentic relationships. By building on this quality of relationship, she helps her clients to unify heart, body and mind, bringing them closer to the best version of themselves.

What we say about Agnès Perrone at Turningpoint

Agnès is smiling, witty and open-minded. Her confidence in life and in the people around her makes her a particularly pleasant person to be around!

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Inspiring Leadership Through Coaching

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Webinar : Vivere la mia vulnerabilità come una risorsa

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