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De la carrière à la mission, Réinventer l'outplacement [Webinar]

De la carrière à la mission, Réinventer l'outplacement [Webinar]


11am-12pm, November 26, 2020

In these times of uncertainty and change, a sense of professional purpose and feeling useful is more than ever on our minds. Some industries are more affected than others by the current crisis. Our situations are all individual, yet today more and more of us are asking ourselves similar questions:

  • Am I in the right place professionally?
  • How can I find a job that suits my purpose and skills?
  • How can I be myself professionally, while at the same time reinventing myself?
  • What are the realistic opportunities consistent with my skillset and experience?

In this webinar, we will provide concrete answers to all these questions.

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Our speakers:

Régine Engström, Director of Strategic Partnerships and CSR at Nexity
Michel Mornet, executive coach, Turningpoint Co-founder
Marguerite Chevreul, Executive Coach, author, Outplacement expert

Thursday, November 26, 2020
Free admission – open to the general public