Patrick Champonnois


Senior Executive Coach

Paris, France

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Coaching Experience

  • PCC Certified Coach by ICF (2017)
  • NLP certified practitioner (2014)
  • Expert in Non Violent Communication

Professional background

  • COO, idealCO
  • Freelance Executive coach, Paris / Dubai
  • Program Director, HEC MBA
  • Operations Manager, Altis Semiconductor


  • MBA, HEC Paris
  • Master of Science in EE, UT at Austin
  • « Ingénieur» diploma, Ecole Centrale de Lille

Patrick coaches executives, senior managers and high potentials. He invites them to connect to their inner resources so that their actions are more focused, more powerful so that they shine as authentic leaders.

I never lose. I either win or learn.

Nelson Mandela

Professional background

Patrick has successfully managed many operational teams in various industries (semiconductors, higher education, digital learning) for over 10 years. During his last position as COO, he implemented a management system based on coaching principles which allowed his team to double their operational results in 4 years.

He has also been a coach, trainer & consultant for 9 years in the management & leadership field. He has worked for various large international clients in the hospitality, technology, media industries, as well as academia. He has an international experience (USA, UAE, France) and he coaches in English & French.

Coaching expertise

Patrick has always evolved in multicultural environments (his mother is from Croatia, he was formerly married to an American) and has lived abroad (USA, Dubai). This allows him to see differences as opportunities, to create multiple perspectives for his clients and thus expand their options so that they make decisions more aligned with who they are.

Strongly inspired by eastern philosophies as well as by his regular meditation & yoga practice, Patrick knows how to create a safe and generative space which people and teams, allowing them to reveal themselves and find the right actions to reach their challenging goals.

He is an expert in Non-violent communication, a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and is MBTI accredited.

What we say about Patrick Champonnois at Turningpoint

Patrick is deeply altruistic. He enjoys actively listening to others and supporting them in their endeavors. His soothing presence allows them to open up and reveal themselves as they are. His enthusiasm and optimism encourage them to explore new ways of being and new courses of action more aligned with who they, are allowing them to be authentic leaders. 

A (great) international coaching and transformation consultancy, committed to developing authentic, innovative and collaborative leadership in executives and entrepreneurs, their teams and organizations.


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