Antoine Le Méné

Antoine Le Méné

Project Manager

Paris, France

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Sometimes it is necessary to be silent in order to say a just word.

Antoine is deeply interested in personal development of through the deployment of individual talents. With a focus on the common good, he is passionate about each person giving their best to others.

A graduate of the NEOMA Master Grande Ecole, Antoine brings 10 years of experience driven by his curiosity and a commitment to the development of individuals and organizations.

Seeking responsibilities, he served as a project manager for a large Vinci Constructions project in Qatar and led 40 soldiers as an officer in the Army. He worked as a consultant in several consultancies specializing in strategy and digital innovation, management, and organization.

As an independent professional, he founded a company in the public health sector, has worked as a headhunter, and served as a recruiter. Motivated by the growth of others, he teaches at AgroParisTech and pursued a coaching training at the Paris 8 University.

With a desire to integrate into a smaller structure aligned with his values and make a significant individual and collective impact, he joined Turningpoint as a Project Manager.

Antoine is serious, curious and cheerful!

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