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March 5, 2019




Dates: March 5 and 6, 2019

Dystopia, a new conference organized by Turningpoint partner, Presans, an Open Innovation's expert platform founded in 2008 by Albert Meige. On March 6, Turningpoint is facilitating a workshop on the topic "The next big thing is Human". 

A daring exploration of the impact of technology on society, this event is meant to be a contribution to the construction of an ideal "humane" future. A collaborative reflection around artificial and human intelligence. Robots and life: fusion, convergence, interaction? Social Networks: social or anti-social?

This innovative format is intended to be an immersive, alternative and imaginative experience, allowing participants to delve deep and take an active part of these social, societal, ethical and philosophical issues related to technologies and their applications.

Bringing together industrialists, scientists, artists and thinkers, DYSTOPIA gives a privileged access to a unique audience of decision-makers: about 200 innovative leaders will share their reflections and inspirations during DYSTOPIA 2019.

DYSTOPIA is the result of a partnership with the Pompidou Center, Télécom ParisTech, Roland Berger, the CCI Essonne and the Academy of Technologies.

All additional information is the DYSTOPIA website (click here).