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Olivier Pelleau & Bernard Tollec - 01Business Forum

October 2, 2018

Olivier Pelleau & Bernard Tollec - 01Business Forum

Turningpoint Partner Olivier Pelleau and Director Bernard Tollec to lead workshops for the 4th edition of the 01 Business Forum, organized by BFM TV on the theme of "Man at the heart of the Digital Transformation." 


# Executive : leader of the digital transformation - Olivier Pelleau

# Digital Transformation : from a technical transformation to a relational transformation - Bernard Tollec


Each year, the forum brings together 350 leaders, executives and decision-makers from large Groups (L'Oréal, Société Générale, SNCF, EY Consulting, Plastic Omnium...) and start-ups for a thought-provoking time of conferences, keynotes, debates and networking.


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