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Shawn Zannoni

Shawn Zannoni

Project Manager
Hong Kong
Languages : French, English


Shawn comes from a French-British-North American entrepreneur family background and spent his upbringing between France and the US.

After starting out his career in the graphic industry and production management in France, he decided to change directions. Leaning on his multi-cultural and multi-linguistic skills, he extended his grasp to sales and customer relationship management within the language training industry, spending several years in Rabat, Morocco, before moving to Hong Kong to develop the company's business there. As a General Adviser, he was in charge of setting up the local team and develop tailor-made, locally adapted programs.

With a wide array of interests in nature & ecosystems, he is driven by a passion for sustainability and upcycling.

Shawn is located in Hong Kong, where he ensures the interface between coaches, participants, and clients for Turningpoint's Asian markets.