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Tze Meng Chin

Tze Meng Chin

Senior Coach
Languages : English, Mandarin


Tze Meng is an executive coach, working with clients for over 7 years in various sectors (insurance, banking, telecommunications, IT, manufacturing...). He champions each individual and their organization in their growth for he believes that unlimited potential exists in all of his clients. 

With his varied skills and experience in Corporate, Business, Information Technology, Construction, Telecommunications, Project Management and Training and Development, Tze Meng has integrated his knowledge into the training and coaching that he conducts. 

As a Professional Certified Coach, he is trained in an array of tools (Enneagram, Extended-DISC, MBTI, Tetramap, Lominger Architect) he uses these to bring awareness to his clients, to facilitate desired changes and allow the manifestation of full potential.  Tze Meng is also a licensed NLP practitioner. 

Tze Meng holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.