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Back to the Future for AGRH

October 19, 2016

Back to the Future for AGRH

27th Conference AGRH
October 19-21, 2016 - Strasbourg, France


The AGRH conference (French Human Resources Association) is the most important conference in France within the field of management research (management science). It is also closely linked to the professional world through ANDRH. The 27th conference took place in Strasbourg from October 19-21. There was 110 lectures presenting the latest research in human resources on different topics such as social relations, strategy, organisational behaviour, HR innovation, pedagogical innovation, leadership etc.


Benjamin Pavageau, researcher for Turningpoint Lab, PHD graduate from IFGE Lyon Business School and Director of research at Ircom, held a lecture on « leadership development in large companies : the unexpected role of the logic of the gift » . The discussion was facilitated by Jean-Michel Plane (leadership expert) and Catherine Glée (HR management expert) who highlighted the topicality and the importance of this research, driven by Turningpoint. To be noted ; this is the only conference dealing directly with leadership development.