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Turningpoint Lab welcomes Olivier Masclef and Benjamin Pavageau

March 18, 2016

Turningpoint Lab welcomes Olivier Masclef and Benjamin Pavageau

The Turningpoint Lab met on March 18 to go deeper into the essential role of of "giving" in leadership development that Benjamin Pavageau presents in his thesis.

TP Lab also welcomed Olivier Masclef - specialist in management and the theory of giving in management studies - who helped decipher the different steps of the Renault-Nissan alliance as acts of free giving and altruistic managerial practices.


Essential points from the TP Lab:

  • "I give therefore I am": performance and capacities are essential to opening the doors of management and executive positions, but they are only the "visible part of the iceberg" - giving, generosity, and altruism play a determinant role in the development of a true leader. It's in giving and giving of oneself that we become inspirational leaders, capable of engaging our teams and organization towards a common goal.
  • The role of giving in strategic alliances: Manifested by free giving, altruism played an important role in the emergence of the Renault-Nissan alliance. Research has shown how giving facilitated the roll out of a strategic potential for Renault and irrigated the creation of ties between the two companies. Renault has even constructed its current negotiation model on the logic of giving.
  • Without giving, an organization does not function: imagine an organization where the whole of exchanges are monetized and where there are no acts of giving...what future would you predict for this company? International studies have shown that an organization that refuses to recognize acts of giving as such is condemned to fail in the long term.
  • The Giver takes it all! : In his book Give and Take , Adam Grant show how companies that encourage the "givers" and control the "takers" experience significant and sustainable benefits. "The success of your organization depends on the generosity of your employees. What do you do to encourage them?" 


Want to go further? Check out: L’entreprise, une affaire de don. Ce que révèlent les sciences de gestion. 2015. Editions du GRACE (in French).