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Our history

An entrepreneurial experience 

Co-created in London and Paris in 2008 and with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Geneva, and Milan Turningpoint is an international coaching consultancy dedicated to the leadership development of Top Executives and High Potentials, in the service of a compelling vision and concrete results, notably during strategic transitions. Today, the Turningpoint teams consists of 12 partners and directors, a permanent staff of 15 people and more than 120 coaches facilitating all over the world in English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and more..

Our mission is to foster the impact of each Executive (transformational leadership, entrepreneurial skills, creativity, vision, decision-making, influence and ecosystem intelligence...) and to strengthen or support the transformation of the leadership culture of companies.

Turningpoint invests in leadership innovation and research within the "TP Lab" in alliance with an international team of researchers.

Our international team of 100 coaches creates and delivers high-quality tailor-made development programs for numerous large Groups. These international programs target executives from various cultural backgrounds and can be delivered in different languages.