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Code of Conduct

The ethics of a Turningpoint coach :

For Turningpoint, our code of ethics is essential because it reassures both the coach and the company that the coach will put into place a framework of confidentiality, free from conflicts of interest, for the well-being of all parties involved.

Before the coaching begins, a tripartite contract is established between the client, his supervisor, and the coach, and if necessary the HR Director. This contract states the coaching objectives and the methods that will be employed to achieve those objectives.  It thus becomes a reference for the duration of the coaching, up until the final three-party meeting in which a progress assessment will be given.

Turningpoint coaches commit to following professional coaching ethics, formalized by internationally-recognized coaching associations, notably the International Coaching Federation.

  1. With respect to the client (or group of clients), I will use the entirety of my experience and professional capacities geared towards the specific issues or questions encountered.
  2. I will inform my client when problems arise that are beyond the scope of my expertise and I will suggest my client seek the services of other professionals when deemed necessary or appropriate.
  3. I will take recourse in my supervisor when a client's issues touch upon my personal difficulties.
  4. I am able to clearly explain to my client the theories behind coaching practices used during our sessions.
  5. I will refuse to help a client break French law in any way and will terminate a session that does not not assure the respect of the participant(s).
  6. I will respect the responsibility of the client to make operational decisions.
  7. I will maintain a reasonable level of awareness of research and advances in my field,  and seek training in an effort to strengthen my skills and expertise.
  8. I will maintain a certain level of knowledge and seek information about my client's profession in order to understand the operational aspects of the issues he brings to light.