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Susumu Yamahara

Susumu Yamahara

Senior Coach
Langues : japonais, anglais


As a business and leadership coach, Susumu designs and delivers leadership development programs to global MNCs based in Japan. His coaching approach is based on the Co-Active approach from the Coach Training Institute which is known as one of the most proven models in the coaching world. He draws on the wide variety of experiences and leadership roles to support his clients.

Susumu worked for a Japanese multinational conglomerate for 24 years, during which, he developed a venture business and managed diverse teams both from Japan and as an expatriate leader in Singapore. His final position was General Manager for the Planning and Marketing division before transitioning to his coaching journey 6 years ago.

He has since provided leadership development programs, coaching, and trainings for Managers and Leaders as well as business skills training such as Logical Thinking, Design Thinking and Global Communication to accelerate a global mindset and innovation for MNCs and large Japanese companies. Passionate about youth development, he is also a lecturer for the Leadership and Coaching Program of WASEDA University.

Susumu is a CTI certified CPCC (US accredited professional coach) and a Certified Intercultural Management from Hofstede Insights. He also completed workshop designer training program from Aoyama Gakuin University.

He plays Jazz piano and enjoys organizing Retreat Programs in Yakushima island.