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Miwa Mitsuishi

Miwa Mitsuishi

Senior Coach
Langues : japonais, anglais


Miwa has been working as an executive coach in Tokyo since 2007. She achieved over 2,000 hours of 1 on 1 coaching session and group facilitation as a trainer. She has been a certified class coach (trainer) at the biggest coach training program institute for 6 years (CTP Japan). She retains top 10 evaluation score every year as the best facilitator and the best influencer on change behavior.

Intellectual curiosity to learn all kinds of knowledge is one of her strength. She is also a real practitioner of active listening. She can sense the truth and can support clients to discover their values and beliefs which make them to achieve their visions.

She has worked at world-wide business companies like Mitsubishi, in charge of expanding their growth in Europe and the United-Sates. There she has achieved remarkable success for starting up new business models. Her enthusiasm and the power of understanding leaded her team to new place. For those, she was rewarded several times as one of the best project leaders, and won the Executive Director's Award for Innovative Challenges.

Miwa also endeavors to create better human environment as a fellow at NPO for more than 14 years. There she has been a main facilitator of several kinds of workshops for exchanging participants experiences.